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New Products
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Zika Virus Realtime PCR kit - ready to use

Overview: Zika virus is spread to people through mosquito bites. The most common symptoms of Zika virus disease are fever, rash,...

Iris Scissors

GENTAUR offers this Premium quality instrument for your laboratory needs! Made with 100% Stainless steel material Size: Length 10.5 cm...

Elisa Plate Shaker - Compact design and easy maintenance

Elisa Plate Shaker is a smart designed item for a wide range laboratories, research centers, hospitals and can be used...

ELISA Plate Reader - Easy to use micro plate analyzer

ELISA Plate Reader of Gentaur / GDMS is an excellent designed micro plate analyzer with easy installation and longer service...

Elisa Plate Micro Washer - versatile, user friendly plate washer

The only Washer that can incubate two plates at the same time !   Special Features - Built in two plate...

LuminoGraph II Supersensitivity (Chemiluminescence)Detection System

LuminoGraph Ⅱ is supersensitivity cooled CCD camera. World's first  F0.8Lens, ImageSaver and CS Analyzer4 are selectable in English or Japanese language.1 -...

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