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ELISA Plate Reader of Gentaur / GDMS is an excellent designed micro plate analyzer with easy installation and longer service life. Compact, lightweight and high-intuitive, it’s created to measure and interpret enzyme immunoassay results (monochromatically and bichromatically). This Plate Analyzer covers the requirements of small to large ELISA laboratories.

It is recommended for in vitro diagnostic use.

Special Features
The ELISA Plate Analyzer can be adjusted as a flat bottom as well as a round configuration. The design allows the plate to move automatically, smoothly and to place itself accurately in the
optical measurement path. The reading process is performed continuously.

The ELISA Plate Analyzer is functioning in a WIDE voltage (90-270 volt). which eliminates the need for an
external voltage stabilizer.
The ELISA Plate Analyzer can be used even when a printer is not available.and the readings can be noted down manually, by using the PAUSE option.

Special features of ELISA Plate Reader:
o Lamp saving mode option.
o Bi-chromatic Readings
o New technology with battery back up for 250 tests with QC, more than 2500
o Robust built in 52-column thermal printer with 384 stationary heads.
o Unique circuitry for long lamp life.
o Alphanumeric ID entry of Patients.
o Edit of already saved tests.
o Touch panel, Keypad
o Multi-standard curve up to 12 standard calibrations with one blank optional.
o Access to test by touch of key.
o Connectivity to 80-column printer for direct report printout.
o Blank is optional.
o Date and Time Setting
o Storing, deleting and recalling tests.
o Multiple calibrator modes.
o Selection of duplicates for both calibrators and samples.


User Manual


Please note that this product is not for diagnostic or therapeutic use. It's strictly for research use only.


GENTAUR is providing the most accurate and suitable information in this datasheet. GENTAUR is not carrying the responsibility for any omissions or errors contained herein. GENTAUR can make any changes and amendments to this datasheet at any time and without prior notice.
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